629 Bair Island Road #214, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA

Service and Repair

Swimming Pool Perfections started in the service area and continues to have a large focus on swimming pool service.  Each pool is serviced by an independent contractor that is owner operated.  This gives you the attention you deserve as they give you personalized attention like it was their own pool.


Swimming Pool Perfections prides itself on the quality control we provide to ensure the quality of the work. If you’re not happy with the results, it’s your money back…


Over the years Swimming Pool Perfections has relied on word of mouth referrals and does not do any advertising in the traditional manner.  We focus our attention on those who know we can get the job done.


Swimming Pool Perfections has over 20 years in the service business and has seen just about every mechanical configuration there is, giving us the ability to repair any problem that we come across. Our repair division is all in-house and many of the manufacturers have come to rely on our expertise to do their warranty work for pools we regularly service and those we don’t.


Swimming Pool Perfections services pools that we build and also pools that are referred to us through our many happy customers.  So take the plunge and check us out. SPP is open during regular business and our office staff is ready to take your calls.


If for some reason you have an emergency, we also have 24 hour on-call emergency services.